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Personalized Cartouches

Allow our skilled Egyptian gold and silversmiths to translate your name into hieroglyphic and inscribe it into a cartouche pendant you can wear as a necklace or attach to a charm bracelet as well as rings, earrings or bracelets! Available in 18K gold, sterling silver, and sterling and gold mix, we offer cartouches in everyones' price range! Each cartouche is custom made in Egypt specifically for you. Delivery times vary but average 3 - 5 weeks.

Note on Ordering Cycles: we place orders with our metalsmiths in Cairo once monthly, during the last week of the month. This is to make easier the extensive shipping costs of importing fine jewelry from halfway around the world and our products clearing customs. If you order a cartouche at the beginning of the month, please be aware of this discrepancy, and that your personalized cartouche will be a little longer in arriving. We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your business! During the Holidays (November/December & Christmas: if orders are received by Dec 1st our artisans RUSH the orders and we USUALLY have the cartouches in time to send out for Christmas. Please note: there is NO GUARANTEE you will receive your cartouche by Christmas, however in 3 years, as long we we received your order by Dec 1st we've always gotten them.

Cartouches were ornamental tablets, bearing the names of Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens. It was believed that the rope encircling the cartouche had magical powers of protection against evil.

Our master artisans handcraft each piece, one at a time, using ancient techniques. Each delicate Hieroglyphic symbol is individually hand cut by an Egyptian craftsman and polished to a brilliant shine. Each piece is stamped with an 18K seal or (950) silver seal by the Egyptian government.

Order from us with confidence: We are a California, USA based business and your credit card will be charged in the U.S. - you don't have to worry about someone in a foreign country getting access to your credit card number. Our website is security encrypted. Do not be fooled; there are some very cheap reproductions on the market that are stamped and not hand crafted. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is very true!

Please note: As of June 2011, silver, gold and other precious metal prices have gone up dramatically (as much as 1000% recently for silver; from a low of $4.00 just a few years ago to a high of over $48.00 recently). We have recently made minor increases in price and appreciate your understanding of rising metal costs. We CANNOT GUARANTEE prices on cartouches until the DAY YOU PLACE THE ORDER - please with fluctuating costs, expect them to be MORE EXPENSIVE than what we quote. We will NOT run a CC charge until we actually quote you the cost of the Cartouche.

Sterling Silver Personalized Custom Cartouches

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Amazing hand-crafted custom made Egyptian Cartouche Pendants in Sterling...